Security and Home Improvements

Security Upgrades and Home Improvements.

Security for peace of mind.

Modern double glazed units are more advanced these days. By changing the security features such as locks and handles it makes it much harder to breach from the outside.Double glazing home improvements

Not only will your windows be more energy efficient but a greater level of security will be added.

You also have the added advantage of extra safety should there be a need to escape in an emergency.

Home Improvements

By using Surrey Double Glazing Repairs you will be saving money!

Are your double glazed windows looking tired, damaged or faded? We can help!

There is no need to change the whole window or door. We can insert brand new panels, door furniture and glass to make your doors and windows look new again.


Rather than paying out for a brand new door we can insert infills into the existing doors with new panelsdouble glazing door panels from a choice of colours.

We only use quality products designed to last and enhance your property.

Leaded Lights Repairs and Replacement

Leaded lights give an added attraction to glass with a wide variety of colours, patterns and designs.

We specialise in the replacement, or repair where leaded lights have become damaged or faded leading to water leaks and reduced appeal.

Get in touch with Surrey Double Glazing Repairs today for all your glazing repairs. Call our office: 0208 641 5036 or Mobile: 07897 363669.
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